ICC Chief executive Manu Sawhney asked to go on leave after the internal review findings


Manu Sawhney who is the chief executive of ICC has been asked to go on leave after problem on his management style was found in the internal cultural review.
The move may not be a permanent exit but those who have information about reviews & its findings believe that he is unlikely to return for the role back.
Sawhney hasn’t commented on such development till now and in his place right now ICC general manager cricket Geoff Allardice is taking care of his work.
On Wednesday, ICC released a press release announcing Southampton as the venue for World test championship final but the name of Manu Sawhney was not included in it.

He got this position in the year January 2019 after succeeding David Richardson and took charge formally in April, 2019.
There was a number of sources which confirmed that in the survey, the functioning style of Sawhney was found problematic. But his sudden exit is also a result of a battle for the future of cricket in the years to come.

The review was given by PricewaterhouseCoopers and it was carried out this year. It was basically based upon one-on-one discussions that happened across the organization as well as other employees. A survey was sent to the complete organza ton to fill to know the working culture taking place inside ICC.

Even Sawhney sent an email discussing what the review would be at the beginning of the February month while sending a reminder as well after few weeks.
The committee of ICC human resource is held by Lan Watmore who is also the chairman of England & wales cricket board. He discussed the report findings with ICC chairman Greg Barclay. Further, he sent a recommendation against Sawhney to ICC Board which was approved by the authority.
Sawhney was taking work from home for more than a week due to the reason that one of his family members had tested positive for COVID.
Besides this, he also headed a group of boards that wanted an extra event to be held in the ICC rights & commercial cycle because of more ICC revenues rather than bilateral crickets.

Sawhney Joined ICC in May 2017 after giving resignation to Singapore Sports hub. A 26 page complaint emerged against him and straits times which is Singapore-based Company stated that Sawhney resigned after getting the complaint. However, no action was taken for the same.