Difficultly in finding the next window to restart PSL 2021


The PCB is finding it quite hard to reschedule PSL 2021 which was curtailed due to Covid cases. There have been talks about scheduling it in June in Karachi during the time in which Pakistan doesn't play any games. Other than this, there have been also talks about scheduling in September or May. But, it may not be feasible due to the international cricket calendar.

The board is putting an option to host in Karachi while UAE is also kept as an option. But, they have a fear that if they schedule in UAE, then all the groundwork that they did in convincing various International teams to play in Pakistan would be wasted.

Also, they are thinking to outsource the planning & implementation of the biosecure bubble to a specialist firm such that they don't have to deal with the ongoing issues. Due to the burst in the biosecure bubble, several players of various PSL got covid positive, and after this PSL 2021 was halted.
It also started with Fawad Ahmed who was the first positive case since PSL 2021 began. After this, three more players more franchises tested positive. The franchise of Islamabad united complained that despite feeling unwell after the game, he was not given the covid test on time.

Fawad was finally tested and the rest of the players were put into isolation. But, it is still not clear, if the complete squad was put into isolation.
The PCB board highlighted that towards the last year, they conducted about 3000 tests in the domestic season. But the measures taken by them were certainly fragile such as protocols and biosecure bubbles as several players got covid positive for the New Zealand series.

It is expected that franchises are going to file several complaints about the things that went wrong. For instance, quarantine periods being cut short to only three days, elevators not properly secured for those staying in the bubble, cutlery being served, the way the exit of players was handled, and if kitchen & service staff were part of the bubble.

Another failure was that PCB relied too much on tests to let people leave their hotel and travel back. Other than this, they also ignored the fact that the virus takes several days to incubate before it shows up through symptoms or tests.
Thus, we can say that protocols and SOP put into place were not secure and its implementation was even worse.